3 tips to make your jewelry look like new!

Keep your jewelry shining like new by following the simple ways below!

1st: Silverware cleaning cloth

panaki katharismou asimikwn

Specially impregnated 100% cotton cleaning cloths.
A simple rub and your jewelry will shine like new!

They are sold in supermarkets.

2nd: Ointment for cleaning and polishing silverware and brass

katharismos kosmimaton

Special ointment that provides shine and cleanliness.
We put a small amount on a cloth (preferably cotton) and pass our jewelry. If necessary, we repeat by adding ointment to the cloth.
They are sold in supermarkets.

3rd: Cleaning with baking soda and boiling water

Cover the bottom and sides of a bowl with aluminum foil and then place the jewelry in the bowl.

cleaning jewelry with baking soda

Then pour into the bowl a solution consisting of 2 cups of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
Within a few minutes we will see that the tan goes away.

The end result is really impressive!

Once you have cleaned your jewelry you can find fashionable ways to store it .