6 trendy ways to store your jewelry!

Jewelry boxes are the most common way to store our jewelry . Many times, however, this results in 'confused' or forgotten jewelry in a beautiful box.
Here are some simple ideas on how you can easily and quickly make your own ways to store your jewelry.
Ways to protect jewelry from wear and tear!

#1. Storage base for rings

Stand for rings

Materials : Box lid, fabric of your choice,

ring box lidCloth for rings

We dress a lid from a box with whatever fabric we like. From the same fabric we create cylinders that will be used as dividers.
We place them inside the dressed box and the base is ready for our rings !

#2. Wooden hanging base suitable for necklaces, earrings and rings

modern necklace base

Materials : A piece of wood, rope, some hooks

wood for jewelryjewelry ropejewelry hooks

Very simple construction as you can see in the picture.
All we need to do is screw the hooks into the wood and tie the rope.
The construction is ready for our necklaces!

#3. Cloth hanging base suitable for earrings

earring stand

Materials : a piece of cloth, a rod of wood or iron, rope.

fabric earringsrope earrings

We use glue to join the fabric to the rod or if we want we sew it around it. Finally we tie the rope.
A simple but so useful idea to store our earrings !

hanging base for earrings

#4. Wooden hanging base suitable for earrings

dangling anklets

Materials : Rope, a rod of wood or iron, tags for earrings

rope for dangling earringsearring tabs

Another simple idea in which we use wood and rope to hang our earrings .

rod for earrings

#5. Frame suitable for earrings

hoop earrings

Materials: Frame, a piece of fabric

jewelry box

In this case we take an old picture frame and replace its glass with fabric.
Very handy and easy case for dangling earrings .


#6. Hanger for necklaces, earrings and rings

original jewelry storage idea

Materials : hanger, some hooks

pendant jewelryjewelry hooks

Here we replace the wood with a hanger where again we will screw small hooks. Suitable for necklaces .
As you have seen, the materials we use are simple and can be found everywhere.
You can also find all these builds on Silverstro's Pinterest profile.
Try making them and send us photos of your creations!