SILVERstro: About Our Silver Story!


SILVERstro is the name of my story.

A story that started from the passion for creating and expressing my own feelings and experiences. Silver, semi-precious stones and Nature as a source of inspiration, were my means of expression in this journey, which started next to a recognized traditional silversmith and then evolved into unique handmade silver jewelry.

My workshop in beautiful Chania, Crete is the crossroads where my stories gain identity. The identity of the unique handmade jewelry, just as the stories of all of us must be unique. Attending seminars on the new trends and techniques of silversmithing, SILVERstro jewelry bears the unique signature of classic and at the same time modern design with a special emphasis on details and the use of semi-precious stones.

Every handmade piece of jewelry tells a story - my story. But when you wear it, it begins to narrate yours too. Because jewelry is not just an object; it is an extension of our soul and personality. It is your way of introducing yourself, of saying "it's me" without words, of expressing your feelings, desires and experiences. When you wear a piece of SILVERstro silver jewelry, you embrace a piece of my story and most of all you capture a piece of your own.

Every jewel tells a story! It can be yours !