Moonstone is among the most beloved stones for crafting handmade jewelry. The hallmark of this semi-precious stone is its opalescent hue, featuring the unique 'play-of-color' effect that creates a stunning outcome with color changes depending on how light is reflected on it. Moonstone's colors shift between white, blue, grey, and pink, giving the jewelry a discreet glow reminiscent of the beauty of a moonlit night.

Moonstone is known for its ability to encourage inner strength, balance, and harmony, making it ideal for meaningful jewelry beyond mere aesthetic value. In the Silverstro collection of handmade silver jewelry, we incorporate moonstone into unique designs in bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, creating elegant pieces for every appearance.

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Moonstone earrings, Handmade earrings, Sterling silver
  • €70.00
Handmade silver necklace with Moonstone
  • €75.00
Dangling earrings with semi-precious stones
  • €77.00
Handmade silver ring with Moonstone.
  • €50.00
Silver Moonstone Earrings
  • €55.00