Our handmade rings are crafted from 925 silver, and our collection features unique jewelry pieces adorned with semi-precious stones and intricate details.

No matter your personal style, you'll find the ring that perfectly complements your look, as we offer a variety of designs and materials in modern, classic, rock, boho styles for both women and men. Combined with semi-precious stones and other metals, they reflect the distinctive Silverstro aesthetic. Each ring draws inspiration from the elegance of nature and the harmony of lines. Choose one of our elegant and unique jewelry pieces to highlight your style and personality

80 products found in Handmade Rings

Silver wide ring with Red Garnet
  • €90.00
Handmade silver ring with Green Kyanite
  • €90.00
Handmade silver open ring
  • €60.00
Solid silver ring
  • €85.00
Silver spinner ring with Brass
  • €61.00
Handmade silver ring with Ethiopian Opal
  • €120.00
Handmade silver ring with Apache Gold stone
  • €85.00
Tricolor silver spinner ring
  • €95.00
Silver antistress ring with brass
  • €80.00
Ring in 925 silver with Blue Kyanite stone
  • €70.00
Handmade silver ring with Ethiopian Opal, Tourmaline and Kyanite
  • €110.00
Silver ring with Kyanite and Pearl
  • €75.00
Large silver ring
  • €100.00
Ring with Labradorite stone
  • €55.00

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Silver solitaire ring with Blue Jade
  • €55.00
Handmade silver ring with Copper Turquoise and gold leaf
  • €100.00
Handmade silver ring with Moonstone.
  • €50.00
Silver UNISEX ring
  • €85.00