Copper Jewelry: A Creative Expression of Archaic Charm and Timeless Elegance. This metallic element, with its warm, earthy hue, offers a wonderful alternative to traditional silver and gold jewelry, while maintaining the same sense of luxury and refined beauty.

Copper, with its warm, brown-orange shade, plays with light, creating a stunning palette of hues that come alive with every movement. Beyond their distinctive value and aesthetics, copper jewelry is associated with balance and harmony, encouraging inner strength and tranquility. In our Silverstro collection, you will discover unique handcrafted copper jewelry pieces that reflect the special beauty of copper.

10 products found in Copper Jewelry

Handmade braided ring made of Copper
  • €42.00
Copper ring
  • €38.00
Silver spinner ring with 3 beads made of copper, brass and silver
  • €55.00
Copper ring
  • €40.00
Men's Copper Bracelet
  • €45.00
Copper bracelet for men
  • €42.00
Men's ring made of Copper and Silver
  • €60.00
Men's mixed metal cross
  • €55.00
Silver spinner ring with copper and brass
  • €50.00
Copper and silver earrings.
  • €48.00