Boho handmade silver jewelry is a unique choice for those seeking a different, alternative, and eccentric way to express themselves through their style. Boho draws inspiration from tribal cultures, nature, foliate designs, and world cultures, such as Indian, African, and Moroccan traditions.

Discover the world of boho with our collection of handmade silver jewelry. Silverstro's boho collection includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that reflect the free spirit of the bohemian style.

75 products found in Handmade Boho Silver Jewelry

Silver hoop earrings
  • €55.00

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Handmade silver necklace Flower with Yellow Chalcedony
  • €160.00
Handmade silver cross
  • €100.00
Silver wide ring with Red Garnet
  • €90.00
Handmade silver ring with Green Kyanite
  • €90.00

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Silver flower necklace with Pink Chalcedony
  • €145.00
Handmade silver flower necklace
  • €135.00
Handmade silver earrings with Lapis Lazuli
  • €115.00
Handmade silver necklace with Copper Turquoise
  • €110.00
Silver square rings
  • €100.00
Handmade silver ring with Ethiopian Opal
  • €120.00

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Silver bracelet with Turquoise and handmade chain
  • €125.00
Handmade silver necklace with Tiger's Eye and Rubies
  • €115.00
Handmade silver ring with Apache Gold stone
  • €85.00
Handmade silver necklace with Moonstone
  • €75.00
Long earrings in 925 silver
  • €55.00
Dangling earrings with rubies
  • €55.00
Handmade silver hoop earrings
  • €65.00