The classic beauty of handmade silver jewelry exudes elegance and timelessness. With detailed craftsmanship and meticulous quality, each piece highlights the tradition and value of silver. Classic jewelry pieces are inspired by the aesthetics and style of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. From subtle rings to striking necklaces, Silverstro's handmade silver jewelry with semi-precious stones offers classic charm that impresses across ages.

9 products found in Classic Jewelry

Silver ring with Red Agate
  • €65.00
Silver Moonstone Earrings
  • €55.00
Ασημένια σκουλαρίκια με Αμέθυστο
  • €85.00
Silver earrings with Amethyst
  • €68.00
Silver ring with Turquoise
  • €52.00
Rod bracelets set of 5
  • €200.00
Silver earrings with moonstone
  • €82.00
Handmade Silver wedding rings
  • €110.00
Women's silver cross
  • €59.00