Quartz is among the most cherished stones in creating unique handmade jewelry. Its name derives from the Greek word 'χάλαζα' (hail), as the stones resemble small pieces of hail. Quartz, as a semi-precious stone, is renowned for its variable hue and 'play-of-color,' changing colors depending on how light is reflected upon it.

The colors of chalcedony vary between white, grey, black, and blue, giving the jewelry a unique glow reminiscent of the beauty of the sky during a storm. Quartz is believed to contribute to the enhancement of inner strength and balance, offering a sense of peace and awareness in turn. The Silverstro collection of unique handmade silver jewelry with chalcedony is designed to express your personal story.

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Handmade silver necklace with Ethiopian Opal and Brown Quartz
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Amethyst Quartz and Labradorite Dangle Earrings
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Handmade silver necklace with silver Motif and Tourmaline Quartz stone
  • €145.00
Silver dangling earrings
  • €65.00