Unique jewelry
with precious and semi-precious stones
Silver necklace
for all occasions
Boho jewelry
for impressive appearances
men's jewelry
that make the difference
Unique jewelry
with precious and semi-precious stones
Silver necklace
for all occasions
Boho jewelry
for impressive appearances
men's jewelry
that make the difference

Silver Jewelry with Stones

Handmade jewelry with semi-precious stones

Handmade Rings
Handmade Bracelets
Νew in
Men's Silver Jewelry
Silver Necklace with Semi-precious Stones
Handmade Silver Earrings
Copper Jewelry
Spinner Rings
Bracelet and earring sets
Earring and necklace sets
Earring and ring sets
Handmade Silver Crosses

Silver Handmade Earrings

Silver Earrings with semi-precious stones

Ασημένια κρεμαστά σκουλαρίκια με Αμέθυστο
  • €60.00
Sterling silver disc earrings with Green onyx
  • €68.00
Silver earrings with Lapis Lazuli
  • €75.00
Moonstone earrings, Handmade earrings, Sterling silver
  • €70.00
Handmade silver hoop earrings
  • From €25.00
Silver hoop earrings
  • €55.00


Handmade silver multi circle earrings
  • €70.00
  • €60.00
Handmade silver hoop earrings
  • €70.00

Handmade Rings

Silver Rings with semi-precious stones

Silver wide ring with Red Garnet
  • €90.00
Handmade silver ring with Green Kyanite
  • €90.00
Handmade silver open ring
  • €60.00
Solid silver ring
  • €85.00
Silver spinner ring with Brass
  • €61.00
Handmade silver ring with Ethiopian Opal
  • €120.00
Handmade silver ring with Apache Gold stone
  • €85.00
Tricolor silver spinner ring
  • €95.00

Set of handmade silver jewelry

Ring set with earrings

Set with Moonstone
  • €105.00
Set with Copper
  • €148.00
Set with Jade
  • €145.00

Set of handmade jewelry

Necklace set with earrings

Pink Set
  • €141.00
Dragonfly Set
  • €160.00
Dragonfly Set (2)
  • €135.00

Sold out

Amethyst Set
  • €129.00

Jewelry with semi-precious stones

Handmade silver jewelry in unique designs with semi-precious stones

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Modern Silver Jewelry

Unique handmade 925 silver jewelry for every age!

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Boho Handmade Jewelry

Silver Boho jewelry with an ethnic character

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Rough and Rock Silver Jewelry

Jewelry with a Rough and Rock character and youthful mood

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Silver Spinner Rings

Handmade Silver Spinner Rings. The anti-stress elegance!

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Handmade Silver Necklaces

Handmade necklaces for you who are looking for high quality silver jewelry.

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Men's Silver Jewelry

Handmade trendy rings, bracelets, earrings and chains that enhance your look in a dynamic way

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Silver Stories

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Handmade Jewelry Every Jewel Tells a Story


Handmade silver jewelry is not just an elegant detail; it is an extension of our soul and character. Each silver detail, each link , each semi-precious stone , speaks of the history and aesthetic of the creator - but at the same time, once you choose it, it begins to speak of your own story.

By wearing a handmade piece of jewelry, you are not just presenting a stylistic choice. It's your way of introducing yourself, of saying "it's me" without words...

Customer Impressions

Those who unfold their own silver stories

The photo gives it its true image, although when you see it in real time, the light plays with its stone and brings out even more beauty.


It's been a while since I've been looking at the wonderful creations and I had a hard time making a final decision. I was not disappointed! This ring is indeed perfect, the construction is particularly excellent, careful with beautiful details.


Amazing earrings, light and as seen in the photo!!! They arrived promptly and in nice packaging! Thank you very much! ♥️


A small work of art that you are happy to see and wear.

Reverse beauty

A wonderful ring that expresses exquisite feelings, a suitable gift for our beloved

Opal is a beautiful stone