Showcase your dynamism and personality with Silverstro's Handcrafted Men's Jewelry from 925 Silver.

Express your uniqueness through our collection of men's jewelry, designed for the modern man who appreciates quality and aesthetics. Each piece, crafted with passion and precision, reflects the finest art of jewelry making, adding an element of authentic luxury to your style. Discover the uniqueness and variety of our collection, from rings and bracelets to earrings and chains, and let each piece contribute to shaping your effortlessly elegant and dynamic image. For more options in men's jewelry, visit the Silverstro collection in Crosses and Brass Jewelry.

45 products found in Men's Silver Jewelry

Men's cross with Hematite and silver chain
  • €35.00
Handmade silver cross
  • €100.00
Solid silver ring
  • €85.00
Handmade silver pyramid pendant
  • From €110.00
Silver bracelet with Amethyst
  • €55.00
Handmade silver men's bracelet
  • €150.00
Silver UNISEX ring
  • €85.00
Silver hoop earrings with embossed surface
  • €52.00
Silver Ring Wavy
  • €65.00
Silver braided ring
  • €65.00
Handmade silver men's cross
  • €55.00
Handmade chain bracelet
  • €75.00
Handmade silver necklace "clip" UNISEX
  • From €99.00
Silver wrapped ring
  • €62.00
Handmade braided ring made of Copper
  • €42.00
Handmade silver men's ring
  • €75.00
Men's ring
  • €75.00
SIGNET Ring Silver
  • €61.00