7 Common Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

Today we will deal with men's jewelry.
In particular, we will talk about seven basic mistakes that men make when wearing jewelry and we will give you the corresponding correct tips that will elevate your appearance!
First mistake.
When you too believe in the general belief that jewelry is a woman's business and you usually only wear your wedding ring and your watch like most men.
And yet for thousands of years men's jewelry has symbolized the power, wealth and dominant position of a man's family. Necklaces, rings, bracelets dominated even burial customs in many societies. So dare and you won't miss out!
Second mistake.
When the jewelry you are wearing is not supported.
To support your style you must like the jewelry you are going to wear. Try, experiment with different types of jewelry. At first it will certainly seem strange to you. A different ring will be difficult for you or a bracelet will weigh you down. Give yourself time and you will see that after a few days these jewels will become an integral part of your appearance. If you like your image, others will surely like it too.
Third mistake.
When you do not give due importance to various situations or details.
You have to keep in mind that your style may not suit some situations. If e.g. your find yourself in a conservative environment or in a job interview wearing what you have, know that this can be criticized and cost you. So it will be good when you have to deal with such cases, no matter how much you don't want to be oppressed, to vary your style.
Fourth mistake.
When you resort to excess by wearing a lot of jewelry together.
The ancient Greeks said that everything is perfect, and they were absolutely right! Choose to wear little and good jewelry. Distribute them in your hands e.g. on one wrist your watch and on the other a nice bracelet. Create balance, not fuss! Wear them in rotation avoiding monotony and static.

Fifth mistake.
When your body type and skin tone are ignored.
Body type and skin tone play a big role in choosing a piece of jewelry. A tall man should choose bigger rings , wider bracelets so that they don't suffocate his wrist and bigger watches. Conversely, a short man should move in the opposite direction.
As for skin tone, remember that:
- Warm skin tone : Yellow or rose gold and brass suit you.

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- Cool skin tone : White gold, platinum and silver suit you.

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Sixth mistake.
Insufficient or poor maintenance of your jewelry.
Another big mistake made not only by men but also by women. Proper maintenance of jewelry is very important in terms of its lifespan. It is therefore a good idea to clean your jewelery at regular intervals (read our related blog on easy ways to clean your jewellery ). You can cause more wear and tear on jewelry that has stones in it without realizing it, so it's a good idea to leave this job to an expert.
Seventh mistake.
Bathe wearing your jewelry.
Do not forget to remove your jewelry when you bathe. Hard water can cause wear and stones can lose their luster.