Jewelry with Turquoise stone: The eternal blue of summer.

Turquoise: The Stone of Renewal and Protection

Turquoise , with its intense and captivating blue hue, holds a special place in the heart of jewelry. A symbol of protection, flexibility and strength, turquoise has been used in decoration and as an "amulet" (talisman that brings protection) in many cultures throughout the centuries.

The turquoise (or turquoise) stone has a rich history, from the ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans. In many cultures, turquoise was used as a sacred stone for protection and happiness.

Its name comes from the term "Turkish", as the stone was introduced to Europe through Turkey. However, the main source of turquoise is areas of Iran, Egypt, and the southwestern regions of the United States, while jewelry made from this stone combines traditional craftsmanship with modern jewelry.

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Symbolism and Properties of the Turquoise Stone.

Turquoise symbolizes recovery and renewal. It is believed to bring good luck and protection, enhancing inner peace and well-being. Also, it is included in the stones with " healing properties" helping to achieve balance and harmony. It is believed to enhance communication, expression and inner calm, making turquoise jewelry ideal for those seeking to enhance their spiritual development.

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Turquoise stone: The stone associated with the sign of Sagittarius

Turquoise, with its enchanting blue hues, is particularly associated with the sign of Sagittarius. It is thought to enhance protective and healing energy , which is in keeping with the nature of Sagittarius, who are known for their optimism, love of freedom and the pursuit of knowledge. In addition, it is considered to bring luck and protection in travel, a favorite activity of Sagittarius.

In addition to Sagittarius, turquoise can also be beneficial for other zodiac signs who appreciate the properties of this stone and seek inner peace, self-confidence and finally want to enhance their spiritual development.

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Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise stone jewelry is mainly considered summer jewelry due to its bright and lively hue. However, a piece of jewelry with a turquoise stone can be worn all year round, as the key is in the way you combine it with your clothes and other jewelry.

1. Good season : It is the most obvious season for turquoise. Pair it with white or brightly colored clothes for a fresh and summery look. It's perfect with maxi dresses, light tops and shorts.

2. Spring : With spring upon us, turquoise jewelry can add an element of vibrancy to more neutral spring outfits. Combine them with pastel colors.

3. Autumn : It may seem unusual, but turquoise can work beautifully with autumn colors such as camel, brown and burgundy, adding an element of contrast to your look.

4. Winter : Contrary to popular belief, turquoise can add sparkle to winter outfits. Pair it with dark clothes such as black, dark blue or grey. Especially when wearing turquoise jewelry with black or gray coats and cardigans, turquoise brings life to the monochromatic winter.


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No matter how you choose to wear turquoise, the key is to pair it with clothing and accessories that reflect your personal style and let it stand out as a unique element of your look. Whether it's an everyday outing or a special occasion, turquoise jewelry can add that extra sparkle and create a standout look.

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