6 useful tips for buying Vintage jewelry

A word that we hear more and more in recent years.
We read on the internet that this particular word was originally used to describe the age of the wine.
Over the years, its use was extended to every object that is at least 20 years old. The term vintage style refers to objects, clothes, jewelry whose style refers to earlier times.
In our blog today we will be dealing with vintage jewelry. If you like them and want to build a collection of vintage pieces, there is a lot to learn so that you can build an enviable collection!
Here are some simple tips and a list of Dos and Don'ts that we hope will help you and get you started!
Let's go then!
Tip 1:
DO: Buy what you like while considering whether or not it will last over time.
DON'T : Don't buy jewelry just because it's trendy at the time. This is the opposite of buying vintage jewelry.
Think about what you like and how you see yourself when you wear them.
Dust off catalogs and antique shops that specialize in vintage jewelry.
When you know what you really like then know that it's time to start collecting.
You can also focus on specific tracks or seasons.
Tip 2:
DO: See your collection as an investment.
DON'T : Don't buy pieces that will lose their value over time.
Buying vintage jewelry is like buying art.
A collection of fine pieces from various creators will never lose its value.
Tip 3:
DO: Research before committing to a purchase.
DON'T : Buy jewelry for which you do not have any information, e.g. place of origin, date of manufacture, materials used.
The research before the purchase will on the one hand protect you from any mistakes, such as copies that can easily fool us, and on the other hand it will increase the scope of your knowledge and insight.
You can also consult an expert before proceeding with the purchase of a piece of jewelry.
Tip 4:
DO: Dare to buy unsigned jewelry if you have done the relevant research.
Sometimes hidden within anonymity are unique works of art.
DON'T : Buy a brand's jewelry just because they tell you it's a brand.
A 'signature' piece must have the signature and characteristics of the creator, otherwise don't proceed with its purchase.
Tip 5:
DO: Be patient! Always remember that a beautiful, unique and interesting collection of vintage jewelry takes time to create!
DON'T: Don't rush to buy as many pieces as you can.
It is clearly preferable to have a few but fine pieces of jewelry in your collection, rather than a lot of worthless ones.
Tip 6:
DO: Go to the market, ask, visit again and again places that can bring you in direct contact with the world of vintage. Auctions or some small and not branded shops may pleasantly surprise you!
DON'T: Don't just limit yourself to online shopping. Being able to see a piece of jewelry up close, feel its texture, see the shine it emits, touch its art is a unique experience that will help you make the right decision .
At Silverstro we love vintage jewelry.
They exude a nostalgia for a world that is now lost and most importantly, we have immense respect and admiration for all these unique craftsmen who managed with the few means they had at their disposal, to make amazing jewelry that has withstood and withstands the wear and tear of time and of the current fashion.