Spinner Ring: Your "precious" jewelry!

Spinner Rings: Just spin it!

Do you feel stressed or stressed in your daily life? If you're looking for a way to quickly relieve your stress and anxiety, you should definitely check out spinner rings. These unique jewels, also known as "anxiety rings" or "worry rings", are designed to help you overcome moments of stress, offering relief and a healing effect through the simple movement of its rotation. Spinner rings are a modern version of the ancient Tibetan rings, which were used as "meditation tools" with their rotating part contributing to calmness and concentration.

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Let's talk a little scientifically...

What Are the Scientifically Backed Benefits of Spinner Rings ?

People suffering from high anxiety report feeling less mental stress when they make any movement, even if it is minimal, which is attributed to the temporary aversion of attention from a stressful stimulus. This short-term distraction provides a physical outlet for stress (Mohiyeddini, Bauer, & Semple, 2013).

Scientific studies confirm that even the simplest physical activity, such as spinning a ring or stirring a cup of coffee, can increase neurotransmitter levels in the brain. This helps the amygdala, the center of the brain that controls sensations, decisions and moods, to return to its normal state. For this very reason, spinner rings offer an ideal way to relieve stress in a discreet way at any time and on any occasion.

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How exactly do Spinner rings work?

Inspired by age-old traditions as well as modern therapeutic stress relief tools, spinner rings have a free-spinning inner element and each time you spin it, it helps you cope with stressful moments and suffocating thoughts by offering relief and calmness. The free rotation of the inner part allows the user to relieve stress and improve concentration through a simple, yet pleasant movement. Spinner rings are precisely designed to bring back calm, relaxation and an increased sense of patience, concentration and positivity.

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Spinners rings - Elegance and Discreet luxury

Spinner rings are a stunning combination of aesthetic elegance and dynamic functionality. With their design inspired by simplicity and elegance, these rings are not just a piece of jewelry, but a style statement. Their dynamic element, the swirling stripe, adds a playful dimension, distinguished by a subtle sense of modernity. Whether you're at work or at a social event, Spinner rings offer an element of understated luxury. With their ability to be easily combined with other jewelry , and any look, from the most casual to the most formal outfit, Spinner rings reflect an impeccable balance between unique and timeless, making them an absolute must-have piece of jewelry.

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Silverstro Spinner Rings- Unique and Wonderful just like You!

At Silverstro, every Spinner Ring is handcrafted and crafted with care and love. We use 925 silver as our base metal, and many rings include semi-precious stones and original oxidations. Our collection of Spinner rings ranges from simple and subtle designs to more elaborate creations with semi-precious stones. Whether you're looking for a new way to add elegance to your everyday look, or a means to find calm and focus, the spinner rings from our Silverstro collection are the perfect choice. Choose a design that reflects your personality, whether you prefer something understated and elegant, or something bolder and bolder, and let your personal story begin to unfold with every twist of your ring.

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