How to wear a ring and what do they symbolize depending on which finger we wear them on?

Maybe you're getting married and wondering what your options are, maybe you're about to graduate and want to know how to wear a suitable ring, or you just want to add style to your hand with one or more rings.
Whatever the reason, we think you're interested in learning how to wear a ring properly so you can avoid any mistakes every time you adorn your hands with these little works of art!
Rule one
Pay attention to the traditions and culture of your country.
For example some cultures, more conservative, say that a man is only allowed to wear his wedding ring.
In others, the opposite is true, men can wear as many rings as they want.
Whatever you choose know that rings always send a message.
Rule two
Always pay attention to proportion.
If you have thin hands you will find that a ring with a thin band suits you better, while a large ring will stand out more on larger fingers.
Rule three
If you like to wear several rings together try to keep a balance by sharing the rings on your fingers.
Here is some astrological information about fingers and rings!
Little finger.
It is the finger that most men prefer to wear a ring. Historically  it is preferred by specific professional categories.
Astrologically, the God Mercury is related and symbolizes imagination and persuasion.
Ring finger
It is the finger of engagement or marriage. Astrologically, it represents romance and creativity while being connected to the moon.
Rings worn around the middle usually block the middle finger when performing a task. For this reason, make sure they are not bulky or oddly shaped. It is connected to Saturn and symbolizes balance and responsibility.
If we go back a few hundred years, we will see that men wore the family ring on this finger. The so-called coat of arms.  It symbolizes power, authority and is associated with the planet Jupiter.
The thumb ring symbolizes wealth and influence. Alone or in combination with others, a sophisticated thumb ring creates a nice and balanced image.