Beautiful, Elegant Rings: Inexpensive jewelry just waiting to shine on you!

It is widely known that women's eyes will look first at expensive jewelry. So many times their purchase is prohibitive due to the high prices. But there are also those little "diamonds", those jewels where you don't have to pay a fortune to get them.
Beautiful, elegant, affordable jewelry waiting for its chance to shine on you!
Below you can see some of our suggestions.
Rose silver ring

silver rose ring

Silver thin ring that forms a rose. This ring is made of 1 mm silver wire. It can be worn on any finger we choose, even on the big one, and together with other rings.

Silver Ring with copper turquoise

purple turquoise ring

Silver ring with a purple copper turquoise semi-precious stone in a bezel. An elegant ring that can be worn alone or with others. The size of the stone is 3 mm.

Silver dainty ring

Silver dainty ring

Silver dainty ring "Sun"

The ring is made with 2 mm silver wire and has a decorative hammered design on its upper side.

It is a ring that we can wear throughout the day and is ideal to be worn on the thumb as well.

It can be combined with other rings for a more boho look!

Forged silver ring

Forged silver ring

1.5 mm forged wire silver opening ring.

A minimal ring at an incredible price!

Wear it alone or with others or even 2-3 by itself or as a dainty ring or even on the toes!

Silver spinner ring with brass

Silver spinner ring with 3 wedding rings. The band is 12 mm and the rings are made of 1.5 mm brass wire. Each ring is hammered and polished, as well as the main band has a glossy finish. A silver spinner ring at an amazing price!

Silver ring with name

ring with name or phrase

Silver ring, on or in which names, words or short phrases can be written! This ring can be worn alone or together with others on the thumb or as a ring or as a midi ring. The size of the letters that can be used are 1 mm and 1.6 mm, as you can see in the photos, that is, the small letters and the larger ones.

Silver ring with Turquoise

Ring with Turquoise

Silver ring with a turquoise stone in caston. The size of the stone is 10 mm in length and 5 mm in height. A simple very beautiful ring handmade in 925 sterling silver.

Silver modern ring

Silver modern ring

Handmade silver ring that can be worn on the thumb. Fashionable, easy to wear and affordable!

Silver heart ring

Silver heart ring

A delicate silver ring in the shape of a heart!

Whichever version you choose, matte or glossy, it is certain that wearing it you will steal hearts!

Silver ring with infinity symbol

ring with infinity symbol

1.5mm thick silver wire ring. Can be worn in various combinations with earrings and midi rings or simply on its own. A thin and elegant ring that symbolizes eternity and is otherwise known as an infinity ring or an eternity ring.

Silver flower ring

Silver flower ring

Handmade silver ring in the shape of an orchid. The flower is approx 1.5cm X 1cm. An elegant very beautiful ring!

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