How to choose the right necklace length - Size guide

Trying to figure out how to choose the best necklace length? Which necklace lengths and styles suit you best according to your style?

The right length of a necklace can tie an ensemble together, while a necklace that is too short or too long can ruin it.

To find the length of the necklace you can, if you already have one that is as long as you would like, measure its circumference with a tape measure.

If you don't have one and want to find the perfect length for you you can use a piece of rope, twine or ribbon. It would be better to stand in front of a mirror during this process so you can see how it will look. After finding the length that suits you and using a safety pin secure the position of the edge and along the way measure the perimeter.

Because we want to help, we created a little guide with necklace lengths and how to wear them.

Keep in mind that the locket generally ends up in a " V " shape and does not form a smoother curve, and that the locket's height should be factored into its overall length.

As an example, we list the most common types of necklaces:

Collar - This particular necklace has a perimeter of 30-33cm. and "sits" right on the neck. It can be worn with blouses or shirts and is a very beautiful solution if you want to make a statement . Pairs beautifully, if discreetly, with a princess necklace . The Rosary and Amazonite beaded necklace is an ideal choice.

Choker - The choker has a circumference of 35-40cm. and "sits" high and close to the neck. It is easier to wear as it is combined with a variety of clothes. We recommend the women's necklace with black onyx available in 3 sizes.

Standard or Princess - with a circumference of 40-50cm, it is the most common necklace length. Its position is right on the collarbone and fits most body types and most clothes. If the necklace is accompanied by a pendant and thus forms a "V" it goes well with clothes with a V-neckline. Most necklaces from Silverstro fall into this category. You can take a look at all our handmade necklaces here . Our suggestion is the Turquoise handmade necklace .

Matinee - Its circumference is 55-65cm - twice the size of the choker. It is considered a medium to large size necklace with its position being between the collarbone and the chest. Prefer it for business wear or semi-formal occasions as well as with very high or very low necklines. A nice suggestion is the Necklace Chain with Genuine Turquoise .

Opera - This particular necklace is 70-85cm long and "sits" at chest height or a few centimeters below. It goes particularly well with more closed clothing such as a turtleneck. Due to its length and depending on the length of your neck it could be passed double around the neck, thus creating a double choker or collar .

Discover all our silver necklaces . You can see in the description of each necklace its length as well as all its details such as the metal, the stone, etc.