Imposing jewelry with semi-precious stones

One of the elements that elevates a piece of jewelry and immediately draws attention is that of semi-precious stones.
Semi-precious stones are minerals, although some of them come from animal or plant organisms.
But their main characteristic is that they have distinct properties.
Therefore, wearing a semi-precious stone, you 'wear' at the same time its property!
The Turquoise will give you calmness and courage, sharpen your perception and bring you luck and love.
It is the gem of love.

The Garnet will fill you with confidence, charm and strength!

Silver earrings with Red Garnet Silver ring with Granada Silver ring with garnet

The beautiful Moonstone will balance your emotions.
You will see your psychic abilities increase and you will feel the light of the moon reflected in it.

skoularikia feggaropetra daxtylidi me fegaropetra kolie me fegaropetra

Wearing a Ruby you will be filled with wealth and fame and it will keep away from you every negative feeling.

daxtylidi me roumpini Silver necklace with semi-precious stones Silver ring with ruby

The Quartz will clear the mind and bring you wisdom.
It will be your support in meditation, driving away any negative energy.

Silver earrings with Pink Quartz daxtylidi me xalazia Necklace with Rose Quartz in the shape of a pyramid

Your power is agate !
It doesn't like arguments, conflicts, obsessions, negative thoughts at all and that's why it will do everything possible to protect you.

daxtylidi me axath Silver ring with yellow honey agate Agate necklace

The Jasper will help you make a new beginning!
It will keep your feet firmly on the ground, nourish your body and soul, helping you achieve your goals.

dangling earringsnecklace with semi-precious stonesHandmade silver necklace with semi-precious stone (Polca dot Jasper)

The Citrine will light up your heart and mind!
Its light will fill you with positive energy and you will have a strong sense of security.

Silver ring with citrine Silver necklace with Carnelian and Citrine Silver ring with Yellow quartz (citrine)

There are several more semi-precious stones.
Our purpose is to bring you closer to their magical world and not to bore you with many names.
At Silverstro we love them, that's why we try through our jewelry to highlight them as best as possible.
For us, all of them are 'precious' for their properties or simply for their beauty!
You can find more of our semi-precious stones and jewelry on Pinterest.