Handmade Jewelry for Fall Looks: Trends, Tips and Ideas

Fall Appearances with Handmade Jewelry

Autumn, a season rich in contrasts and transitions, brings changes that touch each of us, affecting our mood and the way we see the world around us. In this context of search and renewal, jewelry takes on a special role, offering us the possibility to express our personality, add a touch of renewal to our everyday life and highlight our personal style.

Combining Handmade Jewelry with Fall Looks

As a general tip, we suggest choosing handmade jewelry in colors that reflect the fall palette, such as browns, reds, oranges, and golds. These colors will add warmth and depth to your look. Earthy shades dominate, as do natural materials. Therefore, prefer jewelry with stones or wood. Also, wear handmade jewelry with designs that reflect the atmosphere of the season, such as leaves or autumn flowers.

Handmade Necklaces and Sweaters : A warm, rich sweater pairs perfectly with a long necklace. Choose handmade necklaces with natural stones such as agate or semi-precious stones that reflect autumnal tones. If you want to make a strong fashion statement, you can choose a necklace with large stones or a necklace with different lengths that will add depth and perspective to your outfit. .

Handmade Rings and Scarves: Pair a simple scarf in soft tones with a striking handmade ring to create a balanced and interesting combination. Rings with large stones, such as agate or jasper, in autumnal shades of yellow, brown or red, catch the eye and add an air of luxury to your ensemble. You can choose a wide silver ring with a stone in shades of yellow , brown or red agate. Copper rings or with copper details are a very beautiful fall choice.

Handmade Earrings and Turtlenecks or Hats: Turtlenecks and hats are two of fall's favorite accessories, offering warmth and style. Combining them with handmade earrings can highlight both elements, creating an interesting and complete look. Choose a pair of impressive handmade earrings with semi-precious stones in autumnal shades or patterns. A pair of earrings with green, brown and orange stones can go perfectly with a turtleneck blouse in soft shades. If you prefer to wear a hat, try a pair of subtle earrings.

Handmade Bracelets and Cardigans or Long Coats: Cardigans and long coats are must-have pieces of the autumn wardrobe, offering warmth and style. To complete your look choose one or more handmade bracelets . Especially if your coat is a neutral shade, you can experiment with bracelets with beads, stones or rings that add a fun and playful touch. Feel free to wear more than one bracelet at the same time. Layering creates an interesting and modern combination. Finally, choose bracelets in colors such as brown, orange, red or green. These colors exude a warm and autumnal feel.

Boho looks with boho jewelry: The boho style offers a free, relaxed and comfortable feel to the outfit, which goes perfectly with the fall season. Boho jewelry plays an important role in creating this style. Move around in earthy color palettes with details like feathers, stones or metallic elements. A long patterned dress is the perfect base for one or more large boho necklaces, with natural stones or metallic elements. Even a simple dress exudes a boho mood if paired with several boho bracelets or multiple necklaces in different lengths. Don't forget that a pair of big boho earrings like hoops or several rings worn on the same hand is enough for a boho look.

As autumn unfolds with its rich colors and contrasts, so does our appearance, adopting the transitions and rhythms of nature. From long and striking necklaces that pair harmoniously with warm sweaters, to large rings and original jewelry sets that send their own message under long coats, handmade jewelry comes to highlight your fall looks and unique personality.

Every jewel tells a story.

Let your story unfold!