Spinner rings: The smart rings that are taking the US by storm!

Traditional silver rings, with or without precious stones, might be timeless, but a new trend has emerged the past few years. The name of this trend: spinner rings...

Spinner ring  is the ring band on which one of more rings spin freely. The size and amount of rings depends on the width of the main band.


δαχτυλιδι spinner

They are believed to originate from Tibet, a country with a long tradition of meditation. They were called 'worry rings' because the spinning was considered to have a calming effect on the body and mind.


Nowadays they are a global fashion, especially in America. Rightfully so, many will wonder why! Do they have some hidden magical power that activates with every spin? Of course not, spinner rings are just other smart rings! Their mechanism (albeit small) aims beyond the decoration of the hand and towards something else.

Usually when we feel stressed or pressured in our effort to overcome this situation we make a lot of nervous movements. So this is the main goal of spinner rings! To give us the ability of this nervous movement but in a gentler way. A way that on the one hand is not easily noticed by others (something very important for most of us) and on the other hand this simple repetitive rotary movement helps us calm our anxiety and control anxiety. It seems unbelievable and exaggerated but it is true!

δαχτυλίδια spinner

Like all rings, spinners can be made from various metals, mainly silver and brass. Many times they are even adorned with semi-precious stones, making them even more special.

  Spinner Ασημένιο       Φαρδύ χειροποίητο ασημένιο δαχτυλίδι  personalized δαχτυλίδι

We recommend them and we want your opinion on whether they help you! Either way they will adorn your fingers!

That is why at SILVERstro we did not stick to traditional designs but have created a wide variety of designs and metals.

We also accept orders, making your spinner ring unique. We can engrave names, phrases, words that represent you and you love.

Give yourself a spinner ring and discover its beneficial properties! See our entire collection of Spinner rings.