Spring Styleguide. Spring Essentials.

Handmade Silver Jewelry and Spring Mood Options

Selection and Combination Guide

Spring brings with it the mood for change and is the ideal time to renew our style. Jewelry can add character to any look, highlighting our natural beauty and accentuating our personal style. Get inspired by the tips and suggestions below and create your own unique spring looks.

silver necklace with green stone handmade silver necklaces with lapis lazuli

1. The Must-Have jewelry for Spring

Spring jewelry should be versatile, fun and reflect the season's trends. Check out some ideas to get inspired:

Jewelry with Colored Stones:

Colorful stones, such as turquoise , amethyst and rose quartz , add vibrancy and elegance. Look for necklaces with precious stones that create a sense of luxury and ease, perfect for the season. In addition, rings and earrings with stones in bold hues can add a touch of energy to any look.

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Jewelry in Vintage Designs:

The retro aesthetic is making a strong comeback this season and of course it also applies to jewelry. Choose rings with elaborate carvings or dangle earrings reminiscent of other eras to give a nostalgic and timeless touch to your look. Pair them with more contemporary pieces for a harmonious yet unconventional look.

emerald necklace
ring with black stone handmade silver

Trendy Patterns in Jewelry:

Geometric patterns, intricate textures and unexpected shapes are some of the most popular trends for spring. Try a statement necklace or a pair of large earrings that will catch all eyes. For more subtle looks, opt for thin earrings or bracelets with trendy patterns that add style without being overwhelming.

silver earrings with stones
silver rings in a square shape

2. Jewelry Matching Guide

The art of layering and clever combinations will make your jewelry really stand out:

Layers in Necklaces:

Mix short and long necklaces with different chains and pendants for a layered effect. Short necklaces can accentuate the neck, while long ones add depth to the look. Experiment with different textures and combine necklaces with stones, metals or beads.

handmade silver necklace with stone
Handmade silver flower necklace

Bracelets in Series:

Combine thin bracelets with different textures, such as leather, silver and gold, creating a playful combination. Feel free to add bracelets with beads or semi-precious stones as well. For a more formal look, choose a single statement bracelet that will make your look stand out.

handmade silver rod bracelets
Handmade silver chain bracelet with Hematite

Statement Earrings:

Impressive earrings in large sizes or original designs can be the focal point of the look, especially when your hair is tied up. Choose earrings with crystals, geometric patterns or asymmetrical shapes that will give a unique feel to any look.

silver hoop earrings
Handmade silver hoop earrings

Rings in Combinations:

Multiple rings on fingers can create a dynamic look. Mix thin rings with elaborate or statement rings for a 'rich' effect.

Handmade silver ring with Ethiopian Opal
Handmade Silver Ring with Hessonite Garnet

3. Style with jewelry for All Occasions

Choose jewelry that responds to different occasions, offering elegance and sparkle:

Jewelry for Everyday Looks:

For everyday looks, go for elegant yet subtle jewelry such as small earrings with stones or rings with simple designs. Thin bracelets and small pendant chains add sophistication without overwhelming the look.

handmade silver pendant
Amethyst Quartz and Labradorite Dangle Earrings

Jewelry for Business Meetings:

Jewelry for the office should be sophisticated and tasteful, without drawing too much attention. As jewelry for your work, prefer chains with small pendants and thin bracelets. Discreet hoop earrings and rings with a minimal design are ideal options for a professional look. Classic jewelry is always a safe choice.

Handmade silver necklace with Ethiopian Opal and Brown Quartz
dangling moonstone earrings

Jewelery for Evening Events and Special Occasions:

For more formal occasions, choose sparkling jewelry with sparkling stones or in striking designs to brighten up your face and appearance. Statement necklaces, rows of bracelets and statement earrings are perfect for a night out. At weddings, social events or important anniversaries, jewels with precious stones and elaborate designs are the best choices to add an air of luxury. Of course jewelry sets are perfect for more formal looks.

silver bracelets with stones
handmade silver necklace with green stone

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your style and show off your uniqueness through jewelry. In our handmade jewelry collection you will discover unique handmade silver jewelry that will complement your own unique story among handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and of course silver handmade rings. Explore our collection of New Jewelry Designs and refresh your look. In addition, find the perfect gifts for your loved ones among our unique silver jewelry

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