5 summer jewelery trends that you should not miss

Jewelry trends are constantly evolving with new styles, materials and designs emerging each season. From all-time classic pieces to bold and eye-catching accessories, jewelry trends can complement and elevate any look.

Below we list the 5 popular jewelry trends for this summer.


Layering, i.e. the combination of many different pieces together, started as a clothing trend and soon influenced the way we combine our jewelry. It mainly concerns the combination of many different metal jewelry, mainly necklaces, although now layering is also found in rings . Layering jewelry gives a more rock style , while at the same time layering jewelry exudes dynamism, youthfulness and is definitely a trend that will dominate jewelry in the summer of 2023. Precisely because these are thin chains, their combination is easy and you can achieve a discreet and at the same time impressive result. So wear several metal necklaces together, combine your monogram with a longer pendant or a metal chain with a stone, each at a different height, and give your summer looks a lighter mood.



Custom handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry will have its due this summer. Each bespoke piece of handmade jewelery is unique, personalized and essentially functions as your signature accessory. Mass-produced jewelry complements your style, but unique handcrafted jewelry is your style. In addition, it reflects your special character and personality. Approach a professional artisan of handmade jewelry and discuss with him the design concept of the jewelry that represents you, the choices in the different materials of the jewelry, such as the metal or semi-precious stones you want it to be used and of course adjust the cost of the handmade jewelry to your budget. So turn to a professional designer of handmade jewelry and get your own costum made jewelry with the certainty that it is made to be worn for a lifetime.


Modern jewelry

Paradoxical as it may seem, modern jewelry refers to extremely old ones. If your jewelry looks like a museum exhibit, then it is one of the jewelry that is very fashionable this summer.
The jewelry that will be 'worn' in the summer will look like it comes from another era, that is, like a piece of jewelry - an heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. This does not mean that they cannot have a more modern look. However, modern jewelry this year has the timeless yellow-gold color and often has precious and semi-precious stones. However, it would be a good idea not to wear modern jewelry at the same time. Apart from the fact that they are very difficult to combine correctly with each other, they are also two types of jewelry that reflect different philosophies. Contemporary jewelry seeks to showcase the Art and technique of the past, is made mostly of metals, with or without precious stones, essentially presenting an updated version of classic jewelry . Modern jewelry, on the other hand, uses many different materials which create a more unexpected result, do not have a precise design and do not require the specialized technique of the jeweler.

Youthful maximalism

Youthful maximalism is about chunky jewelry with a youthful character and unconventional designs and colors.
Youth jewelry is big jewelry, in bright colors and more unexpected combinations of materials. Through the selection of jewelry and accessories with a youthful character, the personalization of the jewelry is sought, that is, the jewelry reflects the identity of its owner and is an absolutely necessary complement to the overall appearance. More generally, the trend of maximalism in jewelry is expressed with long earrings and necklaces that have many rows of beads, crystals or semi-precious stones. The rings are large, impressive, elaborate and feature precious and semi-precious stones that add color. In essence, these are exuberant jewelry that lends a more eccentric stylistic style, at the same time referencing the jewelry style of the 80's and 90's. If you want to attract attention and make an impression, this trend suits you best. Opt for large multi-piece handmade jewelry with stones in trendy designs and patterns and stand out for your youthful style.



Jewelry with semi-precious stones and dark stones.

Semi-precious stones and stones in jewelry are an option that, apart from adding color to your looks, at the same time gives character to the jewelry itself, making it unique. Whether you choose jewelry with stones and cord, or jewelry with semi-precious stones, your look will be one of the trends of this summer. There are many reasons to incorporate pieces with precious stones into your collection. Since ancient times, jewelry with stones has been fascinating and considered a privilege for the few. Some even attribute mystical properties to them. The special colors and shapes of semi-precious stones, the unpretentious beauty of jewelry with stones, but also their uniqueness makes them a timeless choice, beyond a modern trend. The opinion that jewelry with semi-precious stones is reserved only for special occasions is outdated. Now they have been incorporated into every look, be it a special event or an everyday outing.
Some of the semi-precious stones that are trending this year and worth investing in such jewelry are Turquoise, Garnet, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Moonstone, Amazonite, Agate, Ruby, Opal, Kyanite, Coral and Tourmaline.