5 things you didn't know about wedding rings

Wedding rings or wedding rings have been a symbol of eternal union, faith and love for years.
But have you ever wondered, how did this come about?
By researching the internet we discovered and gathered some interesting information for you.
We do not know exactly when the ring began to be used as a symbol of engagement or marriage (wedding ring).
Perhaps in ancient Egypt where the circle symbolized eternity.
During the Roman period the engagement ring appears. The woman wore it on the middle of the left hand because, as they believed, a vein connecting the finger to the heart passed through there. The so-called 'vena amoris' or vein of love. A Greek myth that reached the Roman period.
In the Dark Ages the wedding ring was a simple ring and finally in 15th century France they started to separate the engagement ring from the wedding rings.
But it is worth seeing how contemporary couples deal with the "burning issue" of the symbol ring!
So in today's era the following is happening:
1. The average man tends to spend one to three months looking for the perfect ring for his date.
2. December has proven to be the most popular month to buy engagement rings, with around 15% of couples choosing to get engaged over the festive season. Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Years are also popular days for proposals.
3. One study revealed that nearly 30% of women could turn down the proposal if they didn't like the look of the ring. This may seem extreme, but you must remember that the ring must match the taste and style of the couple if it is to be worn for a lifetime.
4. 60% of brides want to participate in choosing the ring and only 3% of grooms choose it exclusively themselves.
5. The diamond is also here "a woman's best friend" since it is the stone that the majority desire and choose! Followed by platinum and white gold.
Finally, many brides decide to wear the engagement and wedding rings together after they get married, thus declaring their absolute commitment.
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