5 Tips to choose the right jewelry according to the occasion

Jewelry goes beyond simple categorization as an accessory, as it is a symbol that conveys stories, traditions and reflects our personal character. In an age where the expression of our personality and unique identity is more essential than ever, choosing the right jewelry becomes more important.

However, it is not always easy to choose the right jewelry and sometimes the wrong choices undermine us, not only our appearance, but also our overall image. Just as we choose our clothing according to the occasion, the same applies to our jewelry. Undeniably, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with our jewelry and to be able to project our own personality. However, there are certain parameters that we must take into account when choosing our jewelry. In particular, just as we choose our clothing according to the occasion, the same applies to our jewelry.

Choosing jewelry for a visit to a good restaurant or a theater performance:

When it comes to a special outing such as a romantic dinner or a play, choose jewelry that stands out for its elegance. A safe choice is classic jewelry. If you still want to avoid the classic options, you can choose dangling earrings, but make sure they are not too big or heavy. A subtle chain necklace with a subtle stone in the center is an elegant choice, as is a silver ruby ​​stone necklace or Amethyst.

Silver necklace with rubies

Generally prefer a discreet necklace with a small pendant. Wear an elegant, subtle Amethyst Silver Ring or alternatively several thin rings worn on the same finger. Finally, choose a slim, classic watch with a metal or leather strap. The general idea is to maintain balance. If you wear bold earrings, it would be a good idea to choose a more subtle necklace and vice versa. The same applies to rings in relation to bracelets .

Jewelery for social event or party:

When it comes to a social event or party, jewelry plays an important role in the overall look. It is important that they match your ensemble and match the style of the event. If you choose a dress with a simple neckline, then opt for bold dangling earrings. Earrings with semi-precious stones, such as dangle earrings with green onyx or quartz add a special character to your look. Also, a large, eye-catching ring can become the focal point of your look. In case you choose a modest dress, such as a simple black dress, a statement necklace is a good choice.

Dangling earrings with Green Onyx

You'd probably prefer not to wear a watch to a very formal event, unless it's a very elegant piece that matches the rest of your jewelry. At a more relaxed party, wear bright and shiny dangle earrings , especially if your hair is tied back. Large silver hoop earrings with Amethyst add a youthful touch. On the other hand, a bold necklace with a large pendant can draw attention, while several thin necklaces create interesting layering. Finally, remember that cuffs or bangles, i.e. large bracelets, attract attention and perfectly match your party look.

Large silver hoop earrings with Amethyst

Jewelry for the beach or casual summer outings:

When you are at the beach or in relaxed summer moments, prefer simple and light jewelry. In this case, the jewelry should be simple, discreet and resistant to water and sun. Especially for the sea, prefer small earrings (studded), anklets (ankle cord) and general jewelry made of natural materials. Avoid precious metals such as gold when at sea, as salt water can wear or tarnish them. Silver bracelet with pearls

For your holidays silver necklaces with natural elements such as semi-precious turquoise stones , handmade bracelets with pearls are an ideal choice. In general, turquoise goes perfectly with summer and adds color to your looks. Combine bracelets and earrings with turquoise stone. Discreet dangle earrings like Raspberry Sapphire and Aquamarine silver earrings or drops that reflect the sunlight are perfect for night outs on an island. When traveling, always remember to transport your jewelry safely. Have a separate pouch or case for the jewelery to avoid 'tangling' or wear.

Raspberry Sapphire and Aquamarine Silver Earrings

Choosing jewelry for business meetings or conferences:

In business meetings or conferences, you want to project an image of seriousness and confidence. Jewelry choices should be subtle and classic. Avoid very noisy jewelry, such as large dangling bracelets that make noise every time you move your hands. A thin, elegant bracelet is ideal. Also avoid very large or eccentric necklaces. A thin token necklace with a small stone or metal element is ideal. Also, a cross is considered a safe choice. A pair of subtle earrings, such as small diamonds or earrings with semi-precious stones, add sparkle without being overwhelming.

Especially in business meetings, where the first impression counts a lot, choosing the right jewelry can differentiate our image. Jewelry sets are recommended as one of the top choices for business occasions. Matching jewelry exudes a sense of professionalism, showing that you pay attention to detail and care about your appearance.

moonstone hoop earrings set

                                            Set with Moonstone

In addition, they ensure a uniform and consistent look and this helps you look prepared and organized. Typically, jewelry sets are understated and elegant, which is ideal for professional settings, where excess may be considered inappropriate. You could go for handmade jewelrysets as they show attention to detail. A subtle combination of earrings with a ring would be the ideal choice for a business meeting.

Set with Jade

Set with Jade

Jewelry for visiting museums or cultural events:

At cultural events and museum visits, your style should reflect respect and appreciation for art and culture. When visiting museums or participating in cultural events, choose jewelry that reflects the artistic and spiritual side of your personality. A handmade silver necklace with silver Motif and Tourmaline Quartz stone combined with a handmade silver ring with Motifs of the same style are ideal choices. Choose a medium-sized necklace that is handmade and refers to an archaeological or artistic element. A silver necklace with a semi-precious stone, such as Labradorite or Moonstone, lends interest to your look.

Handmade silver necklace with silver Motif and Tourmaline Quartz stone

As for earrings, hoop or dangle earrings with decorative elements such as small semi-precious stones or embedded metal details like Silver Tribal Earrings Handmade , are an elegant choice. Prefer rings with geometric or natural patterns. A ring with a clear cut semi-precious stone, or a silver ring with an artistic pattern, can be the focal point of your look.

Handmade silver tribal earrings

Choosing the right jewelry for any occasion can greatly improve how you look, as well as how you feel about yourself. Always remember to choose jewelry that reflects your personality and that tells your own unique story.

After all, every jewel tells a story, right?